Here is some links to similar pages. These are in order of best to worse. Not that I am saying any of these are bad, on the contrary if they made the links section; they are something special.
  • AnalogX This Website Rocks My World, other than my page, its the only other place with so many handy utils in one place. The guy made them himself! AND they are all freeware!
  • EidermanThis guy is similar to AnalogX, he makes server apps himself when whats available in the real world are just not good enough. He doesn't exclusively deal in freeware however, so you may need to register some of his Utils for full functionality. I hope soon to add some of his software to this page, as he recently provided me with a copy of his shareware DNS server to play with..
  • Winfiles This is one place where I often start looking for Utils.
    (Update: winfiles was recently taken over by another software site, and may be less user friendly)
  • Webattack Another Good place you can sometimes find obscure downloads
  • Tucows I go here as a last resort if I can't find anything on winfiles.
  • NetCPlusThese people have a number of commercial server apps, some are free for use by 2 or less computers. .
I actually had some more websites, but I seem to have miss-placed them. I will add them as soon as I can find them.
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