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Audio CDs

Cover Review
BRAINSTORM - Under My Wing (is your sweet home)

Latvia is the land of liquid gold (Amber, not beer) and they are known to have the sexiest men in the world (nods in agreement) this unique little Baltic country also boasts one of the greatest talents known in the world today - Brainstorm. This release is a little between a sassy pop tune and a ballad, both elements make this song one that sticks like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth as you find yourself signing to the chorus in no time. The distinctive retro Brit-pop sound brings home why this talent have been Eurovision winners and toured with some of the worlds most legendary bands such as REM. I have found much delight in listening to all the single releases of Brainstorm and this one is no exception. Brainstorm write continuos number one hits and every song I have heard is as addictive as the next. Bring it on; what we need is more Brainstorm!

Fontaine - The Wedding EP

Compared to the likes of Incubus, this talent has just about as much grunt, a lot more groove and a lot more appeal to a wider audience with a far greater diversity within the song compositions. Fontaine has a commercial element that should see them on the mainstream charts in no time while keeping their grass
roots of being a raw hard talent without the candy floss that signed bands tend to carry. Vocals are sharp and clear, the musicianship is near-perfect and very tight, the production is kept to a neat liveness rather than too over manufactured. The punters who purchase this tremendous EP can be sure of an honest sound, and a prized treasure for the CD collection. Addictive stuff here and I am happy to fall prey to this type of aural substance. Check out their web site for music downloads.

LUNAR SX - Promotional CD

If the adorable faces of these rough nuts don't capture your heart (for the female audience) then the music most definitely will. Knocking down the walls of modern day music genres, Lunar SX takes a little from yesteryear and the sound of the future to create something that is now and forever. I fell immediately in
love with the sound of Lunar SX bringing back memories of my fascination with legendary talent ‘The Cult' and the father of rough nuts; ‘Motorhead'. If you can grab a little of those two sounds and add a bit of current nu metal in 2002 you will have this talent worked out. Based in New England it will not be too
long before this talent will be heading offshore to give their fans worldwide some of their in-your-face sound and live performance. Lunar SX they are like a charging bull at a red hot world music industry!

CAJE - Travelling Light
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The first instance this EP hits the CD player you are greeted with a very fine production and an even finer talent. Professionalism screams out as the full sound of Australia's upcoming chart busters.  Caje takes you by the balls and throw you into a musical whirlwind. Caje is more than a good rock and roll band, they flutter a little pop and nu metal, carrying through to a slight fusion feel in the musical arrangement. Diversity is the very essence why Caje will appeal to all who hear them; and you will very soon across the world, global domination is nigh.

MARIAH - Loverboy

Infectious mood enhancing single release from Mariah which has already proved a success in clubs all over the globe. Typical of the commercial Mariah sound, spiced delicately featuring rappers Ludacris and Da Brat. Sexy cover photography, which is quite regular with the modern Mariah marketing. Pity really as she was a very classy lady once. Sex sells, and she oozes with it, with enough of an all star line up to guarantee success and popularity worldwide.

JANET - Someone to call my Lover

From the recent chart topping album, All For You, Janet gives us yet another brilliant single release. Consistency prevails in all Janet's music and that smooth soulful sound is apparent with a slight acoustic feel. Not too heavy not too light, just right. Playful cover art reflects this playful CD. Class and quality has always been the essence of Janet as a person and as a professional, beaming through in her music.


Cute sells as much as sex in the music industry, and Lil Romeo is quite the cutey. Although I cannot quite grasp kiddies signing about relationships or lack there off. Yet I guess a song about building sand castles wouldn't go down too well either. The home boy fashionalist displayed by Lil Romeo is kinda disturbing.  I mean whom dresses this kid? A bright cheery tune and I am sure all the little home gals will be writing his name all over their pencil cases in no time.


Eurovision favourites' Brainstorm has done it again with this song, which is not quite a ballad and not quite your average euro-pop release usually prevalent by the Latvian lads. Dubbed as Europe's answer to Savage Garden, Brainstorm have more of an honest approach to their music and live shows, not so commercially pressured or marketed as the Savage Garden. ‘Maybe'
is a mature tune yet catchy enough to snag the youngest of punters. The greatest single release I have heard so far in 2001! ‘Maybe' this decade?

DAVID BRIDIE - Act of Free Choice

There is nothing quite like happy hardcore with a purpose (track one). All royalties from sales will go to the West Papuan Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy, which is the first good reason to purchase Art of Free Choice. The music and superb production are the next reason. Track two is more or a produced sound balancing the tight rope of indie and soft emo. There is something for every taste from ballad to trance within this EP release. Grab this CD and support a great artist and an even greater cause. 

COLDPLAY - Trouble

‘Trouble' is a ballad with a difference, and it isn't boring! Quite emotionally inspiring and thought provoking. Coldplay has proven over and over again that good music still exists in an industry where manufactured pop has become a ridiculous forefront. Let us hope that Coldplay may be the revival or musicians creating music instead of computers and dat machines. Support real music, support Coldplay and you may get this sad ass music industry out of ‘Trouble' yet. 


Hard, heavy, fat and bottom end is how Dominian has been described, the music not the members. Dominian is quite nice eye candy which is probably why they have quite a nice female following. Hard emo dominates the sound that has given this band such huge popularity in Australia. Not unlike Machine Head or Metallica, the comparisons have been flying though the media, yet no one can really pin point a valid likeness. All six tracks spew with the potentiality to be a number one hit. Play them loud and play them often, Dominian is about to ‘Enter' world music domination.


Imagine being asked to by Trent Reznor to record with Nine Inch Nails or with Axl Rose from Guns and Roses, then imagine turning it down? One would have to be insane, and maybe Dave Navarro is a little mad, this is what he did as ‘Trust No One' was far more important. This solo release from the man himself is more than music and art it is therapy and an emotional release for Dave as his world tumbled out of control, and apparent it is when you hear ‘Trust No One'. A deep dark release and quite tormenting to the listener, not your light-hearted stroll in the park kind of release. 

BRAN VAN 3000 - Astounded

Quite a brilliant effort by DJ James Di Salvio with this nifty little dance track. Vocals by the late Curtis Mayfield (The Impressions) made able by modern technology and protools audio equipment. Curtis prior to his death,  gave permission for DJ James to go through his vault of unreleased vocal recordings to find a suitable track to lie down with the already created ‘Astounded' song. What we have is a delicious 70's disco groove with the modern essence of club beat jive. Grab your glitter and throw on your flares, jump on the dance floor and get ‘Astounded'.

PAUL KELLY - Somewhere in the City

Mr. Kelly just keeps on going like a Duracell Battery, and he gets better with age like fine wine. Recent single release ‘Somewhere in the City' has that steamy spaghetti western saloon  feel, yet carries much class as expected from such a great singer/songwriter. Would have been nice to hear the lovely Vika and Linda on this single, but nevertheless Paul Kelly is nearly as beautiful to listen to. If you enjoy folk at it's best then grab a copy of ‘Somewhere in the City' for your music collection.

N*E*R*D - Lapdance

Hard hip-hop is always a crowd pleaser in trendy clubs as is this release from N*E*R*D. Apparently these guys are deep little souls with a reason for creating music other than for fame and fortune. Something spiritual is happening here, what I am not quite sure, a lot of swearing and sexual innuendoes. Sex sells, offensiveness sells, drug content sells, tough street wiseness sells, rebellion sells. The way this group is heading they will sell out in no time. I am not fond of the band wagon these guys have jumped on but I will give credit to a nicely produced release and mixing divine.


Mp3 Singles /Albums

The Jammin' James Garage Band - Demo CD
Where to hear it:

Such perfect music for the beginning of summer in the US, breezy and free groovin' release from Jammin' James. If I was to grab Santana and the likes of Tom Waits, then toss in a little Dire Straits; blend them up and pour out a delicious music shake, you will have a release to satisfy the most insatiable aural appetite. Heaven to the ears, music for the soul, this talent has no boundaries, they have a strong sound which will stand the test of time. The production carries a live taint, the very aspect that makes this such an
enjoyable CD, no flies on this band (Aussie slang for ‘no bullshit here') just good ole rockin tunes to sooth the savage beast within. I personally find this a good release for winding down after a hard days work, although any rock/blues enthusiast would enjoy Jammin' James Garage Band!



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