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Welcome to my website.

I am always trying new things, often the hardest part is finding unbiased information about these things.. So I decided, why do everything simply for my own benefit - when I can use what I know to help other people do the same things.

The result? This website.

Hopefully what you see here will make it easier for others to follow along anywhere I have already been, whether that is finding a decent music CD to listen to on the way to somewhere else, setting up a computer that does that special something, or simply running some sort of server - without the pain of paying for some commercial option (when all you need is something to let your friends play with).

This site originally started as somewhere I could centrally store a lot of useful freeware server software I had found, with some notes on how well it worked - and save me the trouble of several hours hunting around in search engines. It's all available here in the one place - and there is no advertisments.

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Section Description Reviewer
Free! Server Software Reviews Freeware Server Daemons and Utilities.. Everything you need, none of the cost. PhoenixX
General Software Reviews Other software, (Commercial, recreational, games or otherwise) PhoenixX
Music Reviews Music, and all its forms, from MODule to Mp3 to the humble CD (Updated) BratGirl
Hardware Reviews Computer hardware and gadgets PhoenixX
Restaurant Reviews Semi Parody Restaurant Rating Website - Add any place you like even your own mothers kitchen and leave reviews! PhoenixX
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Some Sections are still under construction.
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Ratings Guide
I am pretty harsh with my ratings; here is a rough guide:
50% or above. Its OK. (C-)
55% or above. Not bad at all. (C)
60% or above. Pretty Good. (C+)
65% or above. Worth a look at (B-) (Worth Paying money for.)
70% or above. Great Effort. (B) 75% or above. Well worth having. (B+)
80% or above. Truly something very special. (A-) (Worth an Award.)
85% or above. Pure Brilliance. (A)
90% or above. Inspires Awe. (A+)
95% or above. Godlike in its greatness. (A++) (If you don't have it, you probably should).

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